Image of Daan van Aalten
Professor Daan van Aalten
T: 44 1382 384979
F: 44 1382 223778

Background Information

Daan was born in the Netherlands, receiving a degree in Chemistry from the University of Nijmegen. He received his PhD in 1997 from the University of Leeds working with John Findlay, exploring the link between protein dynamics and function. After postdocs in structural biology with Leemor Joshua-Tor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Rik Wierenga at Oulu University in Finland, he joined the University of Dundee as a Principal Investigator in 1999, developing an interest in the glycobiology of human disease, funded by Wellcome Trust Research Fellowships and an MRC Programme Grant

In November 2012, Daan joined the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit where he investigates the links between the O-GlcNAc posttranslational modification, neuronal function and neurodegenerative disease using a multidisciplinary approach including cell, chemical and structural biology.

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