Lab Member | Maithili Shroff

Marie Curie Funded Early Stage Researcher

Maithili Shroff Portrait
Past Lab Member

I joined Johns group in February 2014 to investigate novel proteins undergoing modifications (ubiquitylation) in response to DNA Damage.

I graduated with First Class (Hons) from the University of Leicester, and my final year project in Prof. Rhona Borts' lab involved assessing the function of a novel mutation the MLH1 mismatch repair protein and its association with human infertility, along with validating a technique used to study its meiosis-specific functions in yeast. I also worked for a year in GSK where I was developing & validating the in vivo rat photomicronucleus assay as a method for photogenotoxicity testing. Before coming to Dundee, I was working in Molecular Biology & Genetics Labs in UAE.