SCILLS Lectures
SCILLS Lectures
Lecturer Title of Seminar Date

9th Dr Richard Youle
Porter Neuroscience Research Center, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, USA.

Damage control: function of genes mutated in familial Parkinson’s disease in mitochondrial maintenance

4 pm, Wednesday 14th June 2017
MSI Small Lecture Theatre

8th Rachel Klevit
Biomolecular Structure Center, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

How Activators are Activated: Mechanisms of E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Activation

May 16 2016

7th Daniel Durocher
Lunenfeld-Tanenaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada

The ubiquitous roleof ubiquitin in the response to DNA breaks

May 18 2015

6th Marc Kirschner
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

The origin of specificity in ubiquitylation and proteasome mediated degradation

April 25 2014

5th Alexander Varshavsky
California Institute of Technology, USA

Recent discoveries about the ubiquitin system and the N-End rule pathway

January 5 2013

4th Wade Harper
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Signaling through the ubiquitin system

May 11 2012

3rd Michael Rape
University of California Berkeley, USA

Dissecting the ubiquitin code: assembly and function of novel ubiquitin chains

March 9 2011

2nd Raymond Deshaies
California Institute of Technology, USA

Mechanisms of ubiquitination

August 30 2010

1st Brenda Schulman
St Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Dynamic mechanisms in ubiquitin conjugation cascades

September 30 2009