Living and Working in Dundee

The Tay Bridge

Dundee and its immediate locality have many cultural aspects to offer. It has its own repertory theatre (Dundee Rep Theatre), while those at Perth and St. Andrews are only a 20 minute journey away. The Scottish National Orchestra and Scottish Chamber Orchestra perform regularly in the main concert hall, and the city has numerous cinemas and eating places.

Additionally, the proximity of Edinburgh offers all the cultural advantages of the Nation's capital, including the Edinburgh Festival, the largest music and drama event in Europe. The surrounding area is full of history with three of Scotland’s six most famous castles (Glamis Castle, Scone Palace and Blair Castle) a short drive away, while Falkland Palace, just south of the River Tay, is the site of the second tennis court ever built.

St Andrews (the home of golf), Carnoustie (host to the 2007 British Open) and Gleneagles (the venue of the Ryder Cup in 2014) are within a thirty minute drive, making Dundee one of the best spots in the world to play golf (which in Scotland is easily affordable) and watch world class competitions. The nearby sea and mountains provide ample opportunities for sailing, fishing, skiing, mountaineering and hiking.

The ship Discovery, which took Captain Scott on his historic expeditions to the Antarctic, was built in Dundee and is moored at the Discovery Centre, a major tourist attraction.

Aeriel view of the the Tay Estuary
St. Anrews: Royal & Ancient
Glamis Castle
The Grampians