Antibody Production Team
Antibody Production Team

imageThe MRC-PPU antibody production team raised over 150 total and phosphospecific antibodies last year for MRC-PPU researchers as well as other external customers. The vast majority of all MRC-PPU research papers rely heavily on the antibodies raised by the MRC-PPU antibody production team as there is very little analysis that can be undertaken on a protein without access to excellent immunoprecipitating and immunoblotting antibody reagents.

Our antibody production team generally raises the majority of our antibodies in sheep (but other species such as rabbit can also be employed), using recombinant proteins or fragments of proteins (normally produced by the MRC-PPU protein expression teams) as well as non-phospho/phospho-peptides. Usually the antibody production team takes charge of generating all protein and peptide antigens required to raise and affinity purify each antibody.

All antibodies generated by our antibody production team are appropriately affinity purified. Normally 3-5 bleed schedules on sheep are undertaken for each programme with around 400 ml of serum obtained from each bleed. The advantage of raising polyclonal antibodies in sheep is that it is possible to raise very large amounts of affinity-purified antibody (yields typically 10-100 mg) that will provide a laboratory and its collaborators with sufficient antibody for many years research. Large amount of antibodies is very useful when these reagents are employed for immunoprecipitation studies.

Our antibody production team is experienced in designing antigens for raising antibodies including phospho-specific antibodies and using these to affinity purify antibodies.

The antibody production team has the capacity to raise antibodies for external customers and provides a complete service in which antigens can be designed and raised, coupled to BSA/KLH, injected into sheep and antibody appropriately affinity purified from each bleed and sent to customer for validation. It typically takes 6 weeks from obtaining antigen to getting first batch of affinity-purified antibody with subsequent bleeds undertaken at 4 week intervals. The antibody production team will also be able to provide you with other customers who have used our service whom you will be able to contact for a recommendation.

Any antibody reported in an MRC-PPU publication that was generated by MRC-PPU antibody expression team should also be available to request by external users on a cost recovery basis. Please contact Hilary and James (contact details below) with any queries relating to this.

To discuss your antibody generation requirements and receive a quotation please contact Dr James Hastie ( and Dr Hilary McLauchlan ( by email or Phone  (from UK 01382 38 8053, from outside UK +44 1382 38 8053).