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Doctor Arno Alpi
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Background Information

Arno Alpi was born and brought up in Klagenfurt, the capital of the southern state of Carinthia in Austria. He attended the University of Vienna where he obtained his Diploma in Biochemistry, after the preparation of a Master’s thesis in the laboratory of Prof. Lukas Huber at the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna. In 2000 he joined Dr. Anton Gartner at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany where he obtained his PhD in 2004. His work focused on DNA damage checkpoint pathways in the nematode C. elegans and led to the discovery of a conserved checkpoint gene, CLK2/TEL2, which is required for cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in response to a variety of DNA damage-induced lesions. Arno then took up a postdoctoral position in Dr. KJ Patel’s laboratory at the MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, where he became interested in the genome instability syndrome Fanconi anaemia (FA). In particular he dissected the ubiquitin-signaling pathway associated with FA.

In 2009 Arno Alpi was appointed Programme Leader in the Protein Ubiquitylation Unit of the newly founded Scottish Institute for Cell Signaling. His research focuses on the role of protein ubiquitylation in the regulation of cellular responses to DNA damage and their importance in protection against cancer.