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Doctor Miratul Muqit
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Background Information

Miratul Muqit was born and schooled in Glasgow and initially studied Medicine graduating with Honours from the University of Edinburgh (1991-97). He subsequently studied Neurobiology at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar and undertook research in Mel Feany’s laboratory where he generated a Drosophila model of Huntington’s disease (2000-01). He later obtained a PhD from University College London supervised by Nick Wood FMedSci and David Latchman where he made a major contribution to the discovery of mutations in the PTEN-induced kinase 1 (PINK1) in familial Parkinson’s disease (2001-2004). He joined the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit in 2008 as a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow sponsored by Dario Alessi FRS to further investigate PINK1. He has since made significant advances in the understanding of PINK1 including identification of the first substrate namely the RING E3 ligase Parkin phosphorylated at Serine65. In 2013 he received a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellowship to continue his research.

Miratul also remains clinically active. He completed general medical training at the Hammersmith Hospital and hospitals affiliated to Imperial College. He then trained as a neurologist at several London hospitals including King’s College Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square. He trained in movement disorders with Andrew Lees and Khailash Bhatia at the National Hospital. In 2011 he was appointed Consultant Neurologist at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.