Misprints Sci-Art Collaboration


To explore the interface between art and Parkinson’s research.


  • Project Lead: Miratul Muqit
  • 15 MRC PPU scientists
  • Artist Daksha Patel
  • 40 members of the public
  • 25 people with lived experience of Parkinson’s
  • Dundee Research Interest Group (DRIG)
  • School of Life Sciences Public Engagement Team

Misprint collection


Daksha Patel was embedded in the laboratory of MRC Programme Leader and Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow Miratul Muqit for an artist residency, enabling her to engage with researchers & observe a wide array of experimental techniques. She produced over 100 laser print artworks from the pencil drawings she created in response to our Parkinson’s disease research.

A free, interactive exhibition was then held at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), during Dundee Science Festival 2019, where scientists engaged in dialogue with the general public about Parkinson’s research facilitated by the laser print artworks.

Daksha also carried out a series of “Rhythmic Marks” art workshops for 5 people with Parkinson’s in the Maggie’s Centre Dundee. The group were joined by Miratul, creating a novel dynamic in which neurologist/researcher & patient shared in an activity and conversations of no direct relevance to their illness.

Daksha & Miratul presented Misprints to 20 people with lived experience of Parkinson’s who travelled from across Scotland to a Dundee Research Interest Group event.

Discussing art

Key outcomes

Future plans

As a result of this successful interdisciplinary working and conversations with people with lived experience of Parkinson’s during this project, Miratul Muqit and Artist Daksha Patel have continued to work together - collaborating on a project with our Public Engagement Consultant and people with lived experience of Parkinson’s to develop Parkinson's Exchanges resources that prompt deeper conversations about Parkinson’s.