Paul Davies's Research Group

Our lab focuses on developing technologies and approaches to solve challenging issues in research. We work in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry on a range of current medical challenges such as heart and lung disease, chronic kidney disease and neurodegenerative disorders. We are especially interested in the application of organoid technologies and utilise our in house ‘Naviplate’ technology, developed by our labs senior cell biologist Dr Elad Katz to generate novel and physiologically relevant models ( Using these models, we are able to study pathways and evaluate potential therapeutics on a vast but highly reproducible scale.

Human kidney organoid development in the ‘Naviplate’
Human kidney organoid development in the ‘Naviplate’

We also undertake signalling pathway analysis using a variety of proteomic approaches and assay development to assist our Units researchers as well as our pharmaceutical partners. We are strong advocate of open science and make all of our technologies and reagents ads widely available as possible via our world renowned MRC Reagents and Services

Paul Leads on several open science projects, including the Influenza Toolkit (, and Covid Toolkit ( in collaboration with CVR Glasgow and the MRC National Assets Project (

Selected Publications


Enrica Salim | Visiting Student
Ahnaf Raiyean | Summer Student
Marta Murray | Postdoctoral Researcher
Edwin Allen | Laboratory Manager
Nicola Goodman | Technician
Elad Katz | Biologist
Frederic Lamoliatte | Senior Proteomics Scientist
Robin Pflughaupt | Postdoctoral Researcher
Renata Soares | Mass Spectrometry Facilities Manager
Paula Tomaszewska | Technician
Simone Weidlich | Molecular Biologist
Monika Zwirek | MRC PPU Research Manager