Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement

Public and patient involvement and engagement is rooted in our values and culture. Our activities engage and involve diverse audiences in our research, supporting our collaborative research culture and ensuring accountability.

The impact of the pandemic and support from our Public Engagement Consultant has facilitated an evolution in our approach from one-off/shorter term activities to meaningful involvement and co-production of resources with our audiences for mutual benefit.

We are proud of our passionate, diverse community of staff and students who take part in these activities as it enables greater creativity and demonstrates that science is by everyone and for everyone.

Patients visit

Engaging and involving patients and their families in our research

Generating interest in science and scientists amongst young people

We break down barriers, highlight the value of science to every day life and engage young people with the variety of accessible careers available in science.

These face-to-face activities focus on young people locally, while our online STEM activities reach young people nationally and other schools engagement activities we have organised have engaged young people in offshore Scotland (Orkney), Ireland, England and in the Himalayas, India.

Scotland Tonight tweets about Miratul Muquit's appearance on the show

Sharing our research expertise with non-scientific communities

We raise awareness of the importance of our research in understanding health and disease.

Other activities

In addition to our key programmes of activities, our staff and students lead on and participate in numerous other public engagement activities, including:

  • Schools outreach
  • Hosting work experience pupils
  • Collaborative art-science projects
  • Participation in festivals (online and in person)
  • Participation in community events
  • Patient engagement and involvement activities
  • MRC PPU visits and lab tours
  • Supporting fundraising events
  • Digital communications (podcasts, blogs, individual social media activities)
animating science

Our staff and students also take part in activities organised by the School of Life Sciences and support Medical Research Council (MRC) programmes of activity, including the MRC Festival of Medical Research and both Scottish and UK Parliamentary events.


To find out more about any of these activities or to discuss a potential partnership please contact:

MRC PPU Academic Lead for Public Engagement & General Manager, Dr Paul Davies:
Public Engagement Consultant, Sarah Patrick: