Lab Member | Alfonso Mora

Postdoctoral Researcher

Alfonso Mora Portrait
Past Lab Member
Date: December 2001 - November 2004

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in Michael Czech's laboratory, Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester , Massachusetts 01605 , USA

Publications Generated While in the Lab:

1. Lawlor, M.A., Mora, A., Ashby, P.R., Williams, M.R., Murray-Tait, V., Prescott, A.R., Lucocq, J.M. and Alessi, D.R. (2002) Essential role of PDK1 in regulating cell size and development in mice. EMBO J 21, 3728-3738.

2. Mora, A., Davies, A.M., Bertrand, L., Sharif, I., Budas, G.R., Jovanovic, S., Mouton, V., Kahn, R., Lucocq, J.M., Gray, G.A., Jovanovic, A., and Alessi, D.R. (2003) Deficiency of PDK1 in cardiac muscle results in heart failure and increased sensitivity to hypoxia. EMBO J. 22, 4666-4676

3. Mora, A., Komander, D., van Aalten, D.M.F. and Alessi, D.R. (2004) PDK1, the master regulator of AGC-kinase signal transduction. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 15, 161-170.

4. Mora, A., Lipina, C., Tronche, F., Sutherland, C. and Alessi, D.R. (2005) Deficiency of PDK1 in liver results in glucose intolerance, impairment of insulin regulated gene expression and liver failure. Biochem. J. 385, 639-648.

5. Mora, A., Sakamoto, K., McManus, E.J. & Alessi, D.R. (2005) Role of the PDK1-PKB-GSK3 pathway in regulating glycogen synthase and glucose uptake in the heart. FEBS Letters 579, 3632-3638.