Lab Member | Anna Zagorska

PhD Student

Anna Zagorska Portrait
Past Lab Member

Dates: September 2006-February 2010

Current Position: Research Scientist at Gilead Sciences Inc, Foster City, California

Publications Generated While in the Lab:

Zagorska, A., Deak, M., Campbell, D. G., Banerjee, S., Hirano, M., Aizawa, S., Prescott, A. R. and Alessi, D. R. (2010). New roles for the LKB1-NUAK pathway in controlling myosin phosphatase complexes and cell adhesion. Sci Signal. 3, pp. ra25

Al-Hakim, A. K., Zagorska, A., Chapman, L., Deak, M., Peggie, M. and Alessi, D. R. (2008). Control of AMPK-related kinases by USP9X and atypical Lys(29)/Lys(33)-linked polyubiquitin chains. Biochem J. 411, pp. 249-60

Hur, W., Velentza, A., Kim, S., Flatauer, L., Jiang, X., Valente, D., Mason, D.E., Suzuki, M., Larson, B., Zhang, J., Zagorska, A., Didonato, M., Nagle, A., Warmuth, M., Balk, S.P., Peters, E.C., Gray, N.S. (2008). Clinical stage EGFR inhibitors irreversibly alkylate Bmx kinase. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2008 Nov 15;18(22):5916-9

Zagorska, A., Pozo-Guisado, E., Boudeau, J., Vitari, A. C., Rafiqi, F. H., Thastrup, J., Deak, M., Campbell, D. G., Morrice, N. A., Prescott, A. R. and Alessi, D. R. (2007). Regulation of activity and localization of the WNK1 protein kinase by hyperosmotic stress. J Cell Biol. 176, pp. 89-100

Country of Origin: Poland