Lab Member | Barry Collins

PhD Student

Barry Collins Portrait
Past Lab Member

Date: March 2001 - January 2005

Current Position: Research Scientist in cell signalling, Diabetes & Obesity section, AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal, Sweden

Publications Generated While in the Lab:

1. Collins, B.J., Deak, M., Arthur, S.C. Armit, L.J. & Alessi, D.R. (2003) In vivo role of the PIF-binding docking site of PDK1 defined by knock-in mutation. EMBO J. 22, 4202-4211.

2. Vitari, A.C., Deak, M., Collins, B.J. Morrice, N.A., Prescott, A.R., Phelan, A., Humphreys, S. & Alessi, D.R. (2004) WNK1, the kinase mutated in an inherited high blood pressure syndrome, is a novel PKB/Akt substrate. Biochemical J. 378, 257-68.

3. McManus, E.J., Collins, B.J., Ashby, P.R., Prescott, A.R., Murray-Tait, V., Armit, L.J., Arthur, J.S.C. and Alessi, D.R. (2004) The in vivo role of PtdIns(3,4,5)P 3 binding to PDK1 PH domain defined by knockin mutation. EMBO J, 23, 2071–2082.

4. Collins, B.J., Deak, M., Murray-Tait, V., Storey, K.G. & Alessi, D.R. (2005) In vivo role of the phosphate groove of PDK1 defined by knockin mutation. Journal of Cell Science 118, 5023-5034.