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I started my PhD in Chemical Science, curricula Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical food Chemistry and Technology, in Jan 2014 at the University of Messina under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Romeo. I'm currently on the 3th year of my PhD program,. Since August 2014 I have been a Visiting PhD student at the School of Life Sciences of the University of Dundee, working under the supervision of Alessio Ciulli (Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery) and Dario Alessi (MRC-PPU) to develop novel small molecule approaches to targeted protein degradation.

I obtained my Master degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (2013) at the University of Messina. My thesis project originated from a collaboration with Prof. Robert Hider at the King's College of London, where I spent 6 months as an Erasmus Placement Student to work on the development of novel iron chelators as potential drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

Country of Origin: Italy