Lab Member | Eeva Sommer

PhD Student

Eeva Sommer Portrait
Past Lab Member

Dates: July 2010 - September 2013

Current position: Technology Audit Manager, Natwest Group

Papers generated while in lab:

Bago, R., Malik, N., Munson, M. J., Prescott, A. R., Davies, P., Sommer, E., Shpiro, N., Ward, R., Cross, D., Ganley, I. G. and Alessi, D. R. (2014). Characterization of VPS34-IN1, a selective inhibitor of Vps34, reveals that the phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate-binding SGK3 protein kinase is a downstream target of class III phosphoinositide 3-kinase. Biochem J 463, pp. 413-427

Sommer, E. M., Dry, H., Cross, D., Guichard, S., Davies, B. R. and Alessi, D. R. (2013). Elevated SGK1 predicts resistance of breast cancer cells to Akt inhibitors. Biochem J 452, pp. 499-508

Gan, X., Wang, J., Wang, C., Sommer, E., Kozasa, T., Srinivasula, S., Alessi, D., Offermanns, S., Simon, M. I. and Wu, D. (2012). PRR5L degradation promotes mTORC2-mediated PKC-delta phosphorylation and cell migration downstream of Galpha(12). Nat Cell Biol 14, pp. 686-696

Najafov, A., Sommer, E. M., Axten, J. M., Deyoung, M. P. and Alessi, D. R. (2011). Characterization of GSK2334470, a novel and highly specific inhibitor of PDK1. Biochem J 433, pp. 357-369

Pearce, L. R., Sommer, E. M., Sakamoto, K., Wullschleger, S. and Alessi, D. R. (2011). Protor-1 is required for efficient mTORC2-mediated activation of SGK1 in the kidney. Biochem J 436, pp. 169-179

Country of Origin: Finland