Lab Member | Fabrizio Villa

PhD Student

Fabrizio Villa Portrait
Past Lab Member

Dates: 2002-2006

Current position: Postdoctoral Research in Karim Labib's lab, MRC Protein Phosphorylation & Ubiquitylation Unit, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

Publications generated whilst in lab:

Villa F, Deak M, Alessi DR and van Aalten DM

Structure of the OSR1 kinase, a hypertension drug target.

Proteins. 2008, 73 (4):1082-7

Villa F, Goebel J, Rafiqi FH, Deak M, Thastrup J, Alessi DR, van Aalten DM.

Structural insights into the recognition of substrates and activators by the OSR1 kinase.

EMBO Rep. 2007 Sep;8(9):839-45

Ross SH, Lindsay Y, Safrany ST, Lorenzo O, Villa F, Toth R, Clague MJ, Downes CP, Leslie NR.

Differential redox regulation within the PTP superfamily.

Cell Signal. 2007 Jul;19(7):1521-30

Jaleel M, Villa F, Deak M, Toth R, Prescott AR, Van Aalten DM, Alessi DR.

The ubiquitin-associated domain of AMPK-related kinases regulates conformation and LKB1-mediated phosphorylation and activation.

Biochem J. 2006 394(Pt 3):545-55

Villa F, Deak M, Bloomberg GB, Alessi DR, van Aalten DM.

Crystal structure of the PTPL1/FAP-1 human tyrosine phosphatase mutated in colorectal cancer: evidence for a second phosphotyrosine substrate recognition pocket.

J Biol Chem. 2005 280:8180-7

Country of Origin: Italy