Lab Member | Helen Woodroof

PhD Student

Helen Woodroof Portrait
Past Lab Member


August 2010-February 2015

Current position: 

Senior Scientific Project Lead, Aspire Scientific Ltd

Publications generated while in the lab:

Lai, Y-C., Kondapalli, C., Lehneck, R., Procter J., Dill, B.D., Woodroof, H.I., Gourlay, R., Peggie, M., Campbell, D.G., Itzen, A., Trost, M., Muqit, M.M. (2015) Phospho-proteomic screening identifies Rab GTPases as novel downstream targets of PINK1. EMBO J 34: 2840-61.
Kazlauskaite, A., Kelly, V., Johnson, C., Baillie, C., Hastie, C.J., Peggie, M., Macartney, T., Woodroof, H.I., Alessi, D.R., Pedrioli, P.G., Muqit, M.M. (2014) Phosphorylation of Parkin at Serine65 is essential for activation: elaboration of a Miro1 substrate-based assay of Parkin E3 ligase activity. Open Biol 4: 130213.
Kondapalli, C., Kazlauskaite, A., Zhang, N., Woodroof, H.I., Campbell, D.G., Gourlay , R., Burchell, L, Walden, H., Macartney, T.J., Deak M., Knebel, A., Alessi, D.R., & Muqit, M.M. (2012) PINK1 is activated by mitochondrial membrane potential depolarization and stimulates Parkin E3 ligase activity by phosphorylating Serine 65. Open Biol 2: 120080.
Woodroof, H.I., Pogson, J.H., Begley, M., Cantley, L.C., Deak, M., Campbell, D.G., van Aalten D.M., Whitworth, A.J., Alessi, D.R., & Muqit, M.M. (2011) Discovery of catalytically active orthologues of the Parkinson’s disease kinase PINK1: analysis of substrate specificity and impact of mutations. Open Biology 1: 110012.
Flinn, L.J., Keatinge, M., Bretaud, S., Mortiboys, H., Matsui, H., De Felice, E., Woodroof, H.I., Brown, L., McTighe, A., Soellner, R., Allen, C.E., Heath, P.R., Milo, M, Muqit, M.M., Reichart, A.S., Koster, R.W., Ingham, P.W., Bandmann, O. (2013) TigarB causes mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal loss in PINK1 deficiency. Annals of Neurology 74: 837-847.

Country of Origin: Britain