Lab Member | Jerome Boudeau

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jerome Boudeau Portrait
Past Lab Member

Date: August 2001-December 2007

Current Position: Permanent CNRS Researcher, Cell Biology Research Centre, Montpellier, France

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Publications Generated While in the Lab:

1. Paytubi, S., Morrice, N.A., Boudeau, J., Proud, C.G. (2008) The N-terminal region of ABC50 interacts with eukaryotic initiation factor eIF2 and is a target for regulatory phosphorylation by CK2. Biochem J. 409(1),223-31.

2. Pearce, L.R., Huang, X., Boudeau, J., Pawlowski, R., Wullschleger, S., Deak, M., Ibrahim, A.F., Gourlay, R., Magnuson, M.A., Alessi, D.R. (2007) Identification of Protor as a novel Rictor-binding component of mTOR complex-2. Biochem J. 405(3),513-22.

3. Zagorska, A., Pozo-Guisado, E., Boudeau, J., Vitari, A.C., Rafiqi, F.H., Thastrup, J., Deak, M., Campbell, D.G., Morrice, N.A., Prescott, A.R., Alessi, D.R. (2007) Regulation of activity and localization of the WNK1 protein kinase by hyperosmotic stress. J. Cell Biol. 176(1),89-100.

4. Boudeau, J., Miranda-Saavedra, D., Barton, G.J., Alessi, D.R. (2006) Emerging roles of pseudokinases. Trends in Cell Biology. 16(9),443-52

5. Boudeau, J., Scott, J., Resta, N., Deak, M., Kieloch, A., Komander, D., Hardie, D.G., Prescott, A.R., van Aalten, D.M.F. and Alessi, D.R. (2004) Analysis of the LKB1:STRAD:MO25 complex. J. Cell Science. 117,6365-6375.

6. Lizcano, J.M., Göransson, O., Toth, R., Deak, M., Morrice, N.A., Boudeau, J., Hawley, S.A., Udd, L., Mäkelä, T.P., Hardie, D.G. and Alessi, D.R. (2004) LKB1 is a master kinase that activates 13 kinases of the AMPK subfamily, including MARK/PAR-1. EMBO J 23, 833-843.

7. Milburn, C.C., Boudeau, J., Deak, M., Alessi, D.R. & van Aalten, D.M.F. (2004) Crystal structure of MO25a in complex with the C-terminus of the pseudokinase STE20-Related ADaptor (STRAD). Nature Structural Biology 11, 193-200.

8. Hawley, S.A., Boudeau, J., Reid, J.L., Mustard, K.J., Udd, L., Mäkelä, T.P., Alessi, D.R. & Hardie, D.G. (2003) Complexes between the LKB1 tumour suppressor, STRADa/b and MO25a/b are upstream kinases in the AMP-activated protein kinase cascade. J. Biol. 2:28.

9. Boudeau, J., Baas, A.F., Deak, M., Morrice, N.A., Kieloch, A., Schutkowski, M., Prescott, A.R., Clevers, H.C. and Alessi, D.R. (2003) MO25a/b interact with STRADa_b enhancing their ability to bind, activate and localise LKB1 in the cytoplasm. EMBO J. 22, 5102-5114.

10. Boudeau, J., Sapkota, G.P. and Alessi, D.R. (2003) LKB1, a protein kinase regulating cell proliferation and polarity. FEBS Letters 546, 159-165.

11. Baas, A.F., Boudeau, J., Sapkota, G.P., Smit, L., Medema, R., Morrice, N.A., Alessi, D.R. and Clevers, H.C. (2003) Activation of the tumour suppressor kinase LKB1 by the STE20-like Pseudokinase STRAD. EMBO J. 22, 3062-3072.

12. Boudeau, J., Kieloch, A., Alessi, D.R. Stella, A., Guanti, G. and Resta, N. (2003) Functional analysis of LKB1/STK11 mutants and two aberrant isoforms found in Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome patients. Human Mutation. 21:172.

13. Boudeau, J., Deak, M., Lawlor, M.A., Morrice, N.A. and Alessi, D.R. (2003) Hsp90/Cdc37 interact with LKB1 and regulate its stability. Biochem. J. 370, 849-857.

14. Sapkota, G.P., Boudeau J., Deak, M., Kieloch, A., Morrice, N. & Alessi, D.R. (2002) Identification and characterisation of 4 novel phosphorylation sites (Ser31, Ser325, Thr336 and Thr366) on LKB1/STK11, the protein kinase mutated in Peutz-Jeghers cancer syndrome. Biochem. J 362, 481-490.

Country of Origin: France