Lab Member | Kuan-Chuan Pao

PhD Student

Kuan-Chuan Pao Portrait
Past Lab Member

I joined the Virdee Lab as a PhD student in July 2014. I am focusing on the development and application of novel chemical tools for studying the ubiquitin system. These tools will provide much needed insight into how the numerous enzymes involved in orchestrating the ubiquitin system function at the proteomic and mechanistic level. Results from these projects should contribute a greater application of the therapeutic potential of targeting the Ubiquitin system.

Prior to this position, I graduated from Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences of National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan in 2012. My project was the novel anti-cancer drug development (CIP2A ablating agents development). I majored in Life Science for my undergraduate in National Central University (2006-2010.