Lab Member | Mahaboobi Jaleel

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mahaboobi Jaleel  Portrait
Past Lab Member

Date: January 2004-January 2007

Current Position: Associate Director at Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited, Hyderabad

Publications Generated While in the Lab:

1. Jaleel, M., Villa, F., Deak, M., Toth, R., Prescott, A.R., van Aalten, D.M. and Alessi, D.R. (2006) The ubiquitin-associated domain of AMPK-related kinases regulates conformation and LKB1-mediated phosphorylation and activation. Biochem. J. 394, 545-555.

2. Jaleel, M., McBride, A., Lizcano, J.M., Deak, M., Toth, R., Morrice, N.A. and Alessi, D.R. (2005) Identification of the sucrose non-fermenting related kinase SNRK, as a novel LKB1 substrate. FEBS Lett. 579, 1417-1423.

3. Jaleel, M., Nichols, J. R., Deak, M., Campbell, D. G., Gillardon, F., Knebel, A. and Alessi, D.R. (2007) LRRK2 phosphorylates moesin at Thr558; characterisation of how Parkinson's disease mutants affect kinase activity. Biochemical Journal In press.

Country of Origin: India