Lab Member | Ricardo Biondi

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ricardo Biondi Portrait
Past Lab Member
Date: September 2000 - September 2002

Current Position: University Hospital Frankfurt

Publications Generated While in the Lab:

1. Frodin M., Antal T.L., Dummler B.A., Jensen C.J., Deak M., Gammeltoft S., Biondi R.M. (2002) A phosphoserine/threonine-binding pocket in AGC kinases and PDK1 mediates activation by hydrophobic motif phosphorylation. EMBO J. 21, 5396-5407.

2. Hamm J., Alessi D.R., Biondi R.M. (2002) Bi-functional, substrate mimicking RNA inhibits MSK1-mediated CREB phosphorylation and reveals Magnesium-ion dependent conformational changes of the kinase. J Biol Chem. 277, 45793-802.

3. Biondi R.M., Komander D., Thomas C.C., Lizcano J.M., Deak M., Alessi D.R., van Aalten D.M. (2002) High resolution crystal structure of the human PDK1 catalytic domain defines the regulatory phosphopeptide docking site. EMBO J. 2002 21, 4219-28.

4. Leslie N.R., Biondi R.M., Alessi D.R. (2001) Phosphoinositide-regulated kinases and phosphoinositide phosphatases. Chem Rev. 101, 2365-80.

5. Biondi R.M., Kieloch A., Currie R.A., Deak M., Alessi D.R. (2001) The PIF-binding pocket in PDK1 is essential for activation of S6K and SGK, but not PKB. EMBO J. 20, 4380-90.

6. Frame S., Cohen P., Biondi R.M. (2001) A common phosphate binding site explains the unique substrate specificity of GSK3 and its inactivation by phosphorylation. Mol Cell. 7, 1321-7.

7. Balendran A., Biondi R.M., Cheung P.C., Casamayor A., Deak M., Alessi D.R. (2000) A 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1) docking site is required for the phosphorylation of protein kinase Czeta (PKCzeta ) and PKC-related kinase 2 by PDK1. J Biol Chem. 275, 20806-13.

8. Biondi R.M., Cheung P.C., Casamayor A., Deak M., Currie R.A., Alessi D.R. (2000) Identification of a pocket in the PDK1 kinase domain that interacts with PIF and the C-terminal residues of PKA. EMBO J. 19, 979-88.

9. Meima M,E., Biondi R,M., and Schaap P. (2002) Identification of a Novel Type of cGMP Phosphodiesterase That Is Defective in the Chemotactic stmF Mutants. Mol Biol Cell. 2002 Nov:13(11):3870-7.

10. Biondi R.M. and Nebrada A.R. (2003) Signalling specificity of Ser/Thr protein Kinases through docking-site-mediated interactions. Biochem J. 372: 1-13.