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Postdoctoral Researcher

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Current Lab Member
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Sunil joined the multidisciplinary Virdee lab as postdoctoral researcher in July 2017. Working at the chemistry/biology interface, Sunil is developing powerful probes for interrogating the behaviour of ubiquitin system components. This will lead to game-changing advances such as the identification of novel therapeutic targets and the assignment E3 ligases to specific substrates.

Growing up in India (Delhi), Sunil was a curious, contemplative kid interested in why things happen and how they work? Sunil’s PhD (2013-2017, Edinburgh Napier University) research was to design, synthesise and develop new substrate-based chemical probes for the early diagnosis and prognosis of solid tumours. Furthermore, the design concept was extended to novel theranostic (both therapeutic and diagnostic) applications in cancer, to improve the therapeutic index and concomitantly reduce significantly the side effects for the patient population. Also, Sunil is an associate fellow of Higher Education Academy.