Lab Member | Taran Khanam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Taran Khanam Portrait
Past Lab Member

I joined John's group as a post-doctoral researcher in 2015. My work here is centered on understanding the role of the Fan1 DNA repair nuclease in controlling genome stability. I am particularly studying how mutations in FAN1 affect the onset and pathogenesis of human neurological disorders.

During my Ph.D. I worked in Dr. R. Ravishankar's lab at the CSIR-CDRI, India where my study was focused on analysis of various components of Base excision repair (BER) pathway of M. tuberculosis. My work resulted in the characterization of mycobacterial homolog of unexplored class II AP endonuclease and elucidation of its protein interaction network. I was also involved in screening of small molecule compound libraries for DNA ligase-dependent anti-mycobacterial activity. Overall my work showed that bacterial BER is a promising area for antibacterial drug development.

Country of Origin: India