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I chose to join the Sapkota lab to undertake a PhD project where I aim to elucidate the molecular function and regulation of the FAM83H protein in humans. FAM83H is a member of the largely uncharacterised FAM83 family. FAM83H is reported to be mutated patients with Amelogenesis Imperfecta and overexpressed in certain cancers. Before joining the Sapkota lab, I undertook two rotation projects: the first in Paul Campbell's (Physics) lab where I studied the dynamic interactions of microbubbles under ultrasonic fields and the second in Prof. Anton Gartner's (GRE) lab, where I utilised a model of Parkinson's Disease in C. elegans to investigate the role of several genes in organismal stress resistance pathways.

Prior to the start of this MRC PhD studentship, I studied at St. Georges Hospital Medical School, University of London. I investigated the modulation of House Dust Mite induced oxidant generation by protease inhibitors for my final year research project which was supervised by Prof. Clive Robinson. I subsequently graduated with a first class (BSc hons) in Biomedical Sciences.

Country of Origin: Britain