Support Staff | Rachel Toth


Head of the Cloning Team

Rachel Toth Portrait

I grew up in the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Following a degree in Biological Sciences at Durham, and a PhD in Molecular Virology at Warwick, I spent 3 months working in Zambia before moving to Dundee. I worked as a PostDoc researcher at the James Hutton Institute for 7 years before joining the MRC PPU in 2002. I currently head the MRC PPU Reagents & Services (R&S) Molecular Cloning team. My organised nature is ideally suited to the huge number of projects we need to be managing at any one time. I enjoy the mix of lab work and interaction with the researchers for whom we provide a vital service.

When I’m not in the lab I love playing squash, hillwalking and spending time with my family.



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