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We are currently accepting applications for our 2018 programme. The deadline for this round of applications is December 21st 2018. Please send a CV with contact details of three referees to, including a cover letter explaining your interest in our work. Please also indicate which group(s) you are most interested in, and whether you prefer rotations or would like to join one lab directly.

MRC PPU 4-year PhD programme

Project Principal Investigator More Info
Chemical profiling of ubiquitin conjugation enzymes Satpal Virdee MORE
Finding the eat-me signals Ian Ganley MORE
Signalling pathways controlling protein degradation upon stress Adrien Rousseau MORE
Molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson's disease Dario Alessi MORE
Define the molecular mechanisms by which PAWS1 controls Wnt signalling Gopal Sapkota MORE
A new molecular scissors involved in DNA repair John Rouse MORE
Regulation of protein degradation and homeostasis by the ubiquitin system Yogesh Kulathu MORE
A strategy to kill cancer cells by inducing proteotoxic stress Yogesh Kulathu MORE