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Immersive Cell: Art-Science workshops & workbook

Partnership working

Our scientists, students and support staff have a long-standing partnership with Baldragon Academy that aims to make science, scientists and careers in science accessible, fun and relevant to all pupils. As a result of the pandemic, it became impossible to run our many face-to-face projects and all of our activities were cancelled from early 2020.

We, therefore, partnered with both the Art & Science Departments at Baldragon Academy to understand their needs and the challenges faced by pupils and teachers throughout the pandemic and adapted this “Immersive Cell” project (initially planned to be face-to-face) to continue to support the school virtually.


Project Aims

  1. Increase engagement between MRC PPU and Baldragon Academy, particularly non-science teachers and pupils, to build on our current partnership during a challenging time for all involved
  2. Increase pupil understanding of key concepts in both cell biology and art
  3. Engage a wider non-scientific audience with the concept of a cell through the artworks produced (exhibition)


Art-Science workshops & workbook

We worked flexibly together, alongside an external Artist, to co-produce these engaging new Art-Science resources. They can be used in school and/or at home, without the need for internet connection/access to devices if necessary, to support both the Art and Science Curriculums.

Art-Science video workshops aimed at S2 pupils:

  • Workshop 1: Sketching & Microscopes
  • Workshop 2: 3D Modelling & The Cell
  • Workshop 3: Animation & Proteins


Accompanying workbook that can be used in isolation of the video workshops if required (e.g. at home during periods of isolation without access to internet/device):

book cover image
Click the image to view the workbook


The workshops are being delivered by the Art and Science Departments at Baldragon Academy in the 2021/2022 school year, supported by live discussion sessions with our scientists, students and staff. An exhibition of all artworks in planned for late 2022.


Support to deliver these workshops to your school/group of young people

We aim to engage a wider group of pupils and teachers with these Art-Science workshops from 2022. If you would like to screen the workshops, request print copies of our workbooks and/or an accompanying live session with us for your school/group of young people, please email our Public Engagement & Communications Consultant:



Many thanks to everyone who contributed to these workshops and workbook.


Project Team



  • Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF)
  • MRC Protein Phosphorylation & Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC PPU)


Additional thanks

  • School of Life Sciences Public Engagement Team, University of Dundee
  • Students & researchers within the MRC PPU for their input, inc. Bill Carton, Catriona Aitken, Abbie Brewer (microscopes), Kevin Wu (images), Lucy Barnsby-Greer (Proteins) and Melissa Rodrigues
  • The Katy Dove Estate & Konx Om-Pax for animation work featured in Workshop 3


We thank you all for your support.