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Embryonic Stem Cell Signalling in Health and Disease

Our lab applies cutting-edge chemical, genetic, proteomic and transcriptomic technologies to investigate signalling mechanisms that regulate pluripotent stem cell biology. Using these approaches, we have uncovered a series of exciting new pluripotent stem cell signalling pathways, providing key insights into regulation of stem cell maintenance, pluripotency and differentiation. The current aim of this project is to identify the mechanisms by which these pathways function to control pluripotent stem cell biology. Recently, we have begun exploring how disruptions to stem cell signalling networks lead to human developmental disorders, particularly intellectual disability. A major goal of this project is to pinpoint novel signalling components that are mutated in intellectual disability syndromes, using stem cell models to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underpinning development of these disorders in patients.

It matters to us that we have the fullest possible representation of the various groups that make up our society. It is our belief that the more diverse we are, the greater the diversity of opinions and creativity we’ll have to draw on, which in turns enriches our science. We’re a diverse team with multiple ethnicities, religions and nationalities represented. We welcome applications from students and postdocs in our team of all races, beliefs, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. We’re a family-friendly lab, open to flexible working for people with children.

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The team is looking for talented, motivated, switched-on, diverse, friendly people to join us. We have several positions available; informal enquiries can be made by emailing Greg Findlay (

From left to right: Carmen Espejo-Serrano, Greg Findlay, Sophie Rappich, Elisenda Raga-Gil, Paula Czapnik, Lizzy Hogg, Zedeng Yang, Catriona Aitken
From left to right: Carmen Espejo-Serrano, Greg Findlay, Sophie Rappich, Elisenda Raga-Gil, Paula Czapnik, Lizzy Hogg, Zedeng Yang, Catriona Aitken


Sophie Rappich | PhD Student
Catriona Aitken | Research Assistant
Carmen Espejo Serrano | Research Assistant
Paulina Czapnik | PhD Student
Elizabeth Hogg | Postdoctoral Researcher
Zedeng Yang | PhD Student

Selected Publications

  • Bustos, F., & Findlay, G. M (2023) Therapeutic validation and targeting of signalling networks that are dysregulated in intellectual disability FEBS Journal 290 1454-1460 doi:10.1111/febs.16411 PMID: 35212144
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  • Bustos F, Mathur S, Espejo-Serrano C, Toth R, Hastie CJ, Virdee S, Findlay GM. (2022) Activity-based probe profiling of RNF12 E3 ubiquitin ligase function in Tonne-Kalscheuer syndrome Life Sciences Alliance 5 e202101248. doi:10.26508/lsa.202101248 PMID: 35764390
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