Our values

Our MRC PPU values are rooted in the values of Open Science. They act as guiding principles for all that we do here at the MRC PPU.

  • We lead and innovate, with integrity and rigour
    We’re ambitious - we’re not afraid to do things first and try new approaches. We always do so with objectivity, honesty and transparency.
  • We value collaboration in all that we do
    We work in an unusually collaborative environment, operating as a focal point between leading life scientists, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians.

    We build and value relationships and partnerships with research communities, industry, funding bodies, people with lived experience of disease, the next generation of scientific leaders and our local community. Nearly 70% of our publications involve an external collaboration.

    We achieve more by working together.
  • We are committed to making our scientific knowledge accessible to all
    We share our science with and beyond research communities, through open access publishing, shared resources/toolkits, education and our commitment to public and patient involvement and engagement.

These values ensure our scientific data stands the test of time and that we support the broader efforts to improve reproducibility in science – one of the biggest challenges facing research communities today.

But what makes us unique, above all else, is that

  • We value kindness. We treat everyone with kindness and are focused on identifying and eliminating any barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do. We also focus on the sustainability of our science, recognising the need for urgent action to protect our planet